1.- What is the minimum number of pieces?

50pc per adhesive type (pressure/heat) is the minimum per order.

2.- What is the cost of the emblems?

The cost is quoted by project. The price is determined by quantity, size and colours of the design.

3.- What is the set up cost?

Orders between 50 and 499pc will be subject to a $90.00 mold fee. For orders over 500pc, this charge will be included.

4.- What does the setup cost include?

Included in your set-up cost is a virtual rendering of how your emblem will look as well as the cost of the tool itself. Don’t worry! These tools can be used over again.

5. - What finishes do the emblems come in?

Material options are Chrome or White polyurethane.

6. - Can I change the size after approving the proof?

No, the mold is a metal piece. To change the size a new mold will be quoted as a new project.

7.- What is the delivery time?

Once the digital sample is approved on a new project, it takes 21 days. For restocking, 15 days.

8.- What are the minimum emblem dimensions?

1.25cm x 1.25cm (.5″ x .5″)

9.- What are the maximum emblem dimensions?

38cm x 38cm (15″ x 15″)

10. - What do I need to heat press the emblems to garments?

An industrial iron that will regulate temperature, time and pressure.

11.- What is the heat press process?

We use videos to train our clients so they can heat press in their facilities.

12.- What material are the emblems made of?

Our emblems are polyurethane based.

13.- What kind of textiles can I heat press on?

Polyester, Cotton, PolyCotton. The only restriction is that the fabric has NOT been treated for water repelling.

14.- Can I adhere emblems to leather, vINYl leather, acrylic, wool, nylon?

Yes! As long as you are using an open pore material that has not been treated to repel water the emblems will adhere to these and other surfaces!